Robert Plant Net Worth

Robert Anthony Plant is the voice of one of the greatest rock bands, “Led Zeppelin,” Commander of the British Empire’s Order. For the unique manner of performing songs, the vocalist was nicknamed “The Golden God,” and young rockers tried to imitate Robert’s behavior on stage. However, no one succeeded in either singing the musician or copying his manners and gestures.

Robert Plant Net Worth$200 Million
Full Name Robert Anthony Plant
Date of Birth 20 August 1948
Source Of Income Music
Birth Place West Bromwich, United Kingdom
Father Name Robert C. Plant
Mother Name Annie Cain Plant
Occupation Guitarist
Singer Songwriter
Nationality English
Martial Status Married
Wife Name Maureen Wilson ​ ​ ( m. 1968; div. 1983)​
Children 4
ReligionBuddhism, Hinduism

Robert Plant Early life

Robert was born on August 20, 1948 (according to the zodiac sign Leo) in the British city of West Bromwich. In his youth, Plant became interested in the blues, which was heard by Robert Johnson and Sonny Boy Williamson. Later he fell in love with jazz and soul, eventually deciding to devote his life to music.

He graduated from the school named after King Edward VI and had to get a stable, well-fed profession of an accountant at the request of his parents. However, an economist’s path did not appeal to the young musician. He left his father’s house and began to make a living himself.

Robert Plant Personal Life

Robert Plant grew up as a real rebel who was not used to living within the established rules. Immediately after graduation, the young man left home, abandoning the prospects of working as an accountant.
Instead of sitting at the trough, Robert chose his own path, starting to earn his own living. The first wife, there is an opinion that Maureen Wilson married his first wife only to prove to his parents his own worth.
Within a few years, Maureen and Robert had three children. But even they did not contribute to well-being in personal life. The further relationship the musician, who was at the peak of his popularity, cheated on his beloved without any hesitation, spinning novels with numerous beauties. This is precisely the reason why Maureen Wilson filed for divorce.

Robert Plant Career

For quite a long time, about three years, Robert sang the blues in local bars. I managed to be in three unremarkable groups, but I gained experience. And in 1965, he was ripe to put together his own musical group. Together with fellow Jeff Thompson, Lee John Crutchley and Roger Beamer, he formed a group called “Listen.”

A lucky break came in 1968. Well-known in the music world Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were looking for a vocalist for their group “Yardbirds.” They advised taking a closer look at Plant. The musicians were impressed by the young singer’s voice, and they invited Robert to join the company. The only thing missing was a drummer, so Plant called Bonham’s friend. This is how a new team was formed, which was named “New Yardbirds.” The group immediately went on tour in Scandinavia.

The first performance took place in a local club, he sang in several groups, then he met Bonham.

In 1966 he performed with the Listen group, where representatives of the CBS Records Company noticed him. He signed a contract with her and even recorded three songs that were not successful.

He soon joined BandofJoy, where he played with Bonham and Kevin Gammond. The group soon became popular but could not get an album contract and disbanded in 1968. For some time, Robert collaborated with Corner, played in the group Obs-Tweedle. The Yardbirds were soon revived, where Terry Reed, who played at the Rolling Stones, recommended Robert. The group was renamed Led Zeppelin and gave its first concert in October 1968.

In November of the same year, Robert married, and soon they had a daughter and a son (died 1977). Due to the passion for Tolkien’s works, the band’s songs became more new and meaningful. The group recorded several albums, at concerts Plant improvised and copied the guitarist’s moves with his voice.

In 1982 he left the band and began performing solo, collaborated with drummer Collins. In 1984 he formed the group The Honeydrippers, which disbanded immediately after the second song’s release. In 1985 he released a new solo album, and in 2002 and 2004, with a new lineup, StrangeSensation wrote two more, for which he received 4 Grammy nominations.

In 2006 he released a disc with a complete anthology of his solo work, taking first place on the Billboard. In 2010 and 2014, he released new solo discs.

Robert Plant Net worth

During his 70 years, Robert Plant managed to release many albums. In addition to eight studio albums from Led Zeppelin, Plant has recorded eleven solo records that are well received by the public. His creative work has had a significant impact on American culture, in which Robert is a real idol. Without a doubt, the legendary Led Zeppelin’s vocalist became the man who inspired millions of performers. And without him, rock music would hardly be what we know it now. The net worth he has is $200 million.