Luke Gallows Net Worth

Luke Gallows is an American wrestler who signed on to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He has made many changes over the years, adopting different personalities, names, and styles. He has become very popular for his notoriety above many other things and has certainly paid his debts in full. He once traveled to Nigeria for a wrestling match and got more than he bargained for a third world country. Read on to see how this happened.

Luke Gallows Net Worth$1 Million
Full Name Andrew William Hankinson
Date of Birth 22 December 1983
Source Of Income Wrestling
Birth Place Cumberland, Maryland, United States
Father Name Doc Gallows
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Occupation Wrestler
Nationality American
Martial Status Married
Wife Name Amber O'Neal
Children 1

Biography of Luke Gallows

Formerly known as Festus among other names and more famously known as Luke Gallows, the wrestler was born in Cumberland, Maryland, the USA on December 22, 1983, named after Andrew William Hankinson.

Not much information is available about the life of Hankinson before he became a star wrestler, his parents, siblings, or how he was raised. However, it is known that he began as an athletic kid, who went on to play football before settling back as a wrestler when he realized he had a great love for the ring, which He did it for the field.

He began professionally in Pennsylvania to wrestle Mason-Dixon at the World Star Wrestling Federation. He was signed for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2005 and made his debut as Kane in 2006. .

In 2007, he teamed up with fellow wrestler Jessie. After his first formation, Dalton Boys was left to form Jesse and the Festus team. But by 2010, Luke Gallows had moved to Japan where he participated in a fight in the Inoki Genome Federation (IGF) as Keith Hanson. He was scheduled to return to the country again in 2013 when he would fight in New Japan Pro Wrestling for three years. He finally made his return to WWE in 2016, where he still is today.

Fighting under various names, Drew Hankinson has won several titles such as the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship, which he has won along with Carl Anderson, a VCW Heavyweight Championship, an RCW Tag Team Championship and many others.

Who is his wife?

Without no doubt, the wrestler is a very scary herring, but that doesn’t mean he scares everyone. In fact, he is able to get many women to date him in the past. Gallows is currently in a love affair with Amber O’Neill whom he has married since 2014.

Born Dewis on 22 June 1974 as Kimberly Dawn, Amber O’Neal is a wrestler like her husband. Also known as Amber Gallows, she has made a name for herself in the sport since 1999.

Gallows and his wife are still together a lot, but they are yet to have a child as a couple.

Everything you need to know about Luke Gallows

Luke Gallows’s arrival in the ring has led many to know that there are different men, but here’s the fact about who he really is:


There is no record that the wrestler has a child, but some sources have reported that he already has a son before meeting Amber O’Neill. Which has not been confirmed.


It is known that he has gone to Japan where he was, but not many people know that he also traveled to Nigeria where he was stranded with Domino and Meesha Taylor in 2011. According to him, he had gone there in the name of wrestling, but he got more bargains after he left. They were held hostage until they were able to buy their way and go back to the United States.

Net Worth Of Luke Gallows

Luke Gallows may not be the greatest priest, but he will find himself among those who have paid their dues in full. Not only has he been in the ring business for a long time, he has also struggled in various countries and won a good number of titles.

The total assets that have been reported are estimated at $1 million dollars. But the official review of his net worth has not been made public. While this may be so, he has made the majority of his fortune as a wrestler from his salary and victories.

Looking at it in number, the wrestler stands at a height of 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 m), and has a bodyweight of 290 pounds (130 kg).

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