Eric Andre Net Worth

Eric Andre is an American Actor, Comedian, TV personality. Eric is a comedian specializing in improvised dark comedy. He is well known for his show ‘The Eric Andre Show’ in adult swimming & for the roles of Mark Reynolds (in Don’t Trust B- in Apartment 23), Deke (in 2 Broke Girls), Wes Borland (in Lucas Bros Moving Co), and Mike (in man looking for a woman).

The Eric Andre Show: A surreal adult comedy and cocktail talk show starring Eric Andre & Hannibal Buress. The show is a nighttime simulation created by Eric Andre. It was a free & fun show with imitations and impostors from famous comedians, plus real guests. The New York Times called it “one of the darkest comedy shows on TV.

Eric Andre Net Worth$3 Million
Full Name Eric Samuel André
Date of Birth 4 April 1983
Source Of Income Comedy
Birth Place Boca Raton, Florida, United States
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Occupation Comedian
Nationality American
Martial Status Single
Girlfriend Name Rosario Dawson
Children Not Yet

Eric Andre Early life:

Born on April 4, 1983, in Boca Raton, Florida, United States, Eric Andre’s birth name is Eric Samuel Andre. Her father is an Afro-Haitian immigrant, a psychiatrist, while her mother is an Ashkenazi Jewish woman from New York’s Upper West Side. Eric has an American nationality and identifies him as black and Jewish.

After graduating from the Dreyfoos School of the Arts in 2001, Andre enrolled at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and obtained a BFA in 2005. Andre’s age is 38 years old and a height of 6ft. (183 cm). In fact, he is an atheist and a practitioner of transcendental meditation.

Eric Andre Personal life:

To date, the American actor is not married. Well, he was in a relationship with actress Rosario Dawson. They started dating in September 2016 but ended in November 2017.

Eric Andre Career:

With a successful career spanning over 9 years, Andre has made him a notable personality on the list of Hollywood millionaire actors. As of January 2021, Eric Andre has a net worth of $ 3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The credit for Eric’s huge gains is due to his versatility in acting, comedy, and TV hosting.

To date, the American actor has appeared in 9 films and 17 TV series. He gained fame as a creator, presenter, and co-writer of the TV show The Eric Andre Show (2012-Present).

Having participated in famous TV shows like The Big Bang Theory (2010) and American Dad! (2016), Andre’s other TV appearances include:

  1. Don’t trust B —- in apartment 23 (2012-2013) – 22 episodes
  2. 2 Broke Girls (2013-2014) – 8 episodes
  3. Man looking for a woman (2015-2017) – 30 episodes

Even if Eric has not yet released his salary from his acting career, sources say he would receive hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The average salary for an actor in the United States is around $ 53,000, while a comedian can sum up the annual payroll of approximately $ 40,000.In the meantime, details about Eric Andre’s endorsement or his sponsorship earnings are available.

In August 2016, Andre became the focus of the world-famous drink Sprite after he was seen swinging through New York City injured on a pair of skates and said:

Well, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub, Eric Andre can earn between $ 3,377 and $ 5,628 per sponsored Instagram post; Eric’s current followers count 1, 7 million. In addition to the earnings, Andre also works in charities. He actively participates in the Annual Hilarity for Charity and Auction and raises money to help homeless people and other charities.

Having a massive net worth of $ 3 million, Eric Andre certainly lives a luxurious lifestyle and has an impressive collection of assets. However, Andre likes to keep his property empire low as much as possible.

Well, the native of Boca, Raton, owns a huge mansion but keeps the place confidential for privacy reasons, which is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars or even a million dollars.

In fact, the average home price in the US is $ 188,900, accompanied by a home insurance premium of $ 1,083 per year. The online source reports that Eric Andre owns a Mercedes SUV and a Range Rover, which combine around $ 200,000.

In addition to expenses with home and cars, Andre spends his daily luxury, travel, and expensive clothes, for sure.

But, above all, he also has to pay taxes. It includes the average property tax of 1.15% on the asset’s market value, while the income tax reaches 32% if the individual ranges from $ 157.00 to $ 200,000. The case is no different for Eric Andre.

Net Worth Of Eric Andre:

Famous as creator and host of The Eric Andre Show, Eric Andre is an American actor, comedian, and TV presenter. Professional since 2009, the highlight of Andre’s career has earned him fame and massive gains. He currently has a net worth of $ 3 million.

Eric Andre portrayed Mike’s role in the FXX Man Seeking Woman series (2015-2017). Along with TV series, the American media personality has also made its fortune through films and comedians’ careers. Get details about André’s source of income, earnings, expenses, lifestyle, and personal life.